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How Do We Find Our Purpose in 2020?

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

This is the burning question that comes up often as we ring in the New Year. This year I have heard a lot of talk about what is your one word for the year… yikes, that takes some deep thinking. Not a list, not a sentence, a WORD! Well, I won’t say I have mastered my word of the year yet, but in my bible devotion reading this morning I had some strong progress that I would like to share. Who knows, it may even help you also find your word, or at least your God given purpose which is really the win, and all of us serving God are looking for.

You Version Bible plan devotional:

It asked a few mind provoking questions…

What breaks your heart or inspires and invigorates you?

What is it you do that when you do it, engage with it, or even think about it- it excites you, and makes you feel alive?

If eternity is connected to it, that is your passion revealing your destiny.

The best question to ask regarding passion is if it wasn’t for money, family, or time- is there something in your life that you would do?

What would it be?

Passion left unaddressed dies, or at least – it remains squelched.

How I love these questions and it encourages me to continue to step out in the areas God has called me to. Not they things others say I should be doing, not the things society says make me a good wife or mother, not the security, and comfort I seek, definitely not the talents I believe I have to use, but what GOD CREATED ME FOR. The story He has created for me to share in my life journey.

I pray these questions I shared inspire you to ask God what He created you for. We all have a purpose and now is the time to step out and trust in your God given passion!

Blessings, Lori

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