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"We believe when each person knows how God sees them, they will have the foundation to build a life full of joy. A life of loving Him and others. This will in fact change the legacy of their next generations to come."


Overland Park, Kansas is where I live with my husband, four grown children and three precious grand daughters.  Over the past 14 years, I have served alongside many amazing non-profits in caring for the young to elderly.  

I now serve weekly at Mission Adelante in the youth club when I am am not traveling abroad.  Their mission is to to make disciples by serving, sharing life, and sharing Jesus with people from all places.  We definitely do this!  Our club provides a safe place for refugee youth to support each other in their daily lives, get homework help, and learn about Jesus.  

Our bible study group has been become an extension of my family.  We learn from one another, love each other, and care for each others needs, all while studying the bible.

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