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"We believe when each person knows how God sees them, they will have the foundation to build a life full of joy. A life of loving Him and others. This will in fact change the legacy of their next generations to come."


Registered Agent on Guam is Ayuda Foundation

Guam is my birthplace, and where most of my family resides. I have the pleasure of yearly taking mission groups from the U.S. to share the culture, food, natural beauty, way of life, and needs of the people here.  We serve with a variety of nonprofits.  We also go out with local school Outreach teams to help children that are suffering from homelessness.

On the island the cost of living is high and the pay wage is low.  This in part has left a large population of families experiencing homelessness.  Families live in the jungles in tin and wood shacks with no running water or electricity.  We have helped the families, with the support of many donors, receive hygiene kits, shoes, socks, school supplies, small toys, and food. 

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