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Shoe Drive Summer 2023
(Status: Ongoing)



Shoe Donation Drive!

We serve children who are experiencing homelessness through our nonprofit Be Heartfelt. These children often live with no running water, in a tin shack and definitely no extra funds for socks and shoes.


Unfortunately their needs are great. Please consider how you can help one of these children. 

Each pair of shoes donated allows a child to go to school, promotes good


hygiene and to be able to run and play at recess. How basic a need and yet


how important.

We could say that is enough of a reason to make sure EVERY child owns a pair… and we agree, but honestly that pair of shoes will do even more.

It will allow that child to have one less thing that separates them from their peers. It will allow them one less stress going to school or playing outside. It will be one less thing to feel embarrassed about.

It will be a reminder of how we all love and care for their well-being.  That is priceless. That is love.

Drop off Locations:


9103 West 157th Terrace

Overland Park


Tamuning Mayor's Office

Inalahan Mayor's Office

Famous Footwear at GPO

(more locations to be added)


Don't have time to purchase shoes?

We will do the shopping for you.

You can simply donate financially here.
No amount is small.

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